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Our Vision

The Association of Compassion is passionate and compassionate about growing, dispensing and use of whole plant medicinal cannabis harnessing the entourage effect and adhering to high quality standards with integrity.

We are healers not dealers.

We have no personal agenda and no political affiliation.

We believe in transparency and our economic agenda is centred on sustainable business and social entrepreneurship.

We are business people and our ethos is to give 10% of our products to pro bono cases.

The Association of Compassion supports the healthy growth of the medicinal cannabis industry by responsible people and aims to change outdated and negative perceptions about cannabis.

The Association’s members operate in the full spectrum of the cannabis industry, offering expertise in...





The Association provides a voice for medicinal cannabis and is a support for people taking cannabis for their health and wellbeing.

Like many herbs and plants cannabis contains an array of natural substances that have medicinal value.

It is becoming common knowledge globally that the cannabis flower in its organic, raw state is one of the safest and most effective medicinal substances known today. This has been proven through laypersons treating themselves as well as through documented scientific results in collaboration with Medical Doctors and Practitioners of Traditional Medicine (including Sharon Price).


Despite being restricted from exploring this area of medicine by various factors (such as the current law and international treaties), many doctors, oncologists, neurologists and other specialists are prescribing cannabis and noticing its incredible healing properties.

With a little information and training we can literally treat cancer, HIV wasting disease, chronic pain and hundreds of other illnesses, disorders and disabilities with a plant we can grow in our back gardens…

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