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Sharon Price - Life Founding Member

Sharon Price - Life Founding Member


Sharon started her career as an artist, studying fine art. She spent 17 years in the Monument Restoration and Film industry. During this time she was involved in product development and this helped her to understand the intricacy of the cannabis plant and its over 500 components.

Following the impact of the death of her sister, Carol, on her family Sharon started researching cannabis. She has been involved in the study, development, treatment and use of medicinal cannabis for over 12 years.

Sharon has had many breakthroughs using cannabis as medicine – including her 75-year-old mother who had pancreatic cancer. In the beginning doctors challenged her. Now she is under constant pressure to train them. Currently Sharon is working with more than 70 medical doctors.


Kana Sanga (Community of the Tree of Life) and its products, “Carol’s Oil”, Through Kana Sanga, Sharon has developed and set standards for growing, testing and oil making procedures. She has identified certain strains, each with different genetics contributing to their healing properties. The company has developed over 20 different products.

Sharon’s products are made with food grade alcohol. She has collaborated with two universities to ascertain genetics; establish THC and CBD ratios; and identify toxins.

Kana Sanga’s mission is to work scientifically to fine tune cannabis medicine for certain dis-eases. Used in conjunction with an organic, alkalised diet and a healthy psychology geared to wellness, cannabis has produced results over a spectrum of illnesses. Kana Sanga works with the dis-eased and its aim is to share its experience and knowledge with as many people as possible, including Practitioners of Traditional Medicine, General Practitioners and Specialist Doctors.