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Ras Ramon ‘Brother Benjahman’


Brother Benjahman is a director of a Conscious Touch (Pty) Ltd, a family run business, established in 2003, that focuses on heritage cannabis farming and heirloom / landrace seed and strain development.

Brother Ben is a cannabis farmer with 15 years experience on micro and macro scale projects; an indigenous herbalist and product formulator; an international cannabis consultant; and a community development specialist and practitioner.

He is an indigenous herbal medicine practioner; a counselor and facilitator; a permaculture facilitator; and a cannabis and Afri-culture grow consultant. He specialises in indigenous knowledge systems, sacramental rights and Afri-culture / environmental education.

Brother Ben holds a number of positions, including:

  • National Assistant Human Resource Development Manager of the Cannabis Development Council of South Africa (“CDCSA”)
  • Vice Chairperson of Cannabis Industry Development Co-Operative (“CIDC-WC”)
  • Chairperson of Icuba Labathwa Primary Trading Co-Operative
  • Pioneer Member of the Khoisan Active Awareness Group (“KSAAG”)
  • Member of the Cape Bush Doctors’ Organisation

Brother Benjahman has a mechanical engineering and technician background and seven years experience in the verification and calibration of flow metering equipment via SABS and 9001 ISO Standards. He is also a ceramic artist and an entrepreneur.


Brother Benjahman offers consultation on the full spectrum of South Africa’s healing plants and their applications. His specialties include heritage and legacy cannabis farming; grow and design; pioneer heirloom strains; indigenous herbs and indigenous herbal product formulation; sacramental rights, and permaculture and Afri-culture.