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Jean Jeffery - Secretary and acting Treasurer

Jean Jeffery - Secretary and acting Treasurer


Jean’s background is in information technology, systems, corporate communication and administration and project management. This all changed dramatically following cancer diagnoses for a family member and a close friend.

Her love and interest in natural medicine became a passion as she followed the path opened by cannabis in her life. Cannabis has taken her to California, Israel and Cologne and, of course, South Africa where she attended Sharon Price’s Carol’s Oil training and has been working with Sharon Price.

Her change in career has opened other avenues too and Jean recently completed Dr. Jain’s acupressure course presented by Lynn Pretorius and modules one and two of Jen Rorrison’s ‘Alignment Therapy’.


Jean has been sharing her knowledge about cannabis and helping people understand how it can help them.

In addition to cannabis, she offers acupressure and alignment therapy to her clients. She stocks Lynn Pretorius’ Natural Solutions range of herbs and healing protocols.

Jean is using her project management, administrative and writing skills in her work with the co-operative and setting up communication forums, such as websites and blogs.