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Desmond (Des) Mouton


Desmond was obese and ill with type 2 diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammation in his gut and a spastic colon. He was scheduled to have gastric bypass surgery. Instead he learnt how to extract cannabis oil; met Sharon Price; and changed his life. Des no longer has diabetes and he avoided surgery – he healed his body by changing his diet and using cannabis oil.

Des has an engineering background in non-destructive testing. Prior to his introduction to cannabis he worked as a dive supervisor for the oil industry. This involved getting divers to the working depth and getting them back safely. Working in life support meant working within strict parameters and adhering to precise standards.


Des focuses on preparing the purest forms of cannabis, keeping the plant organic through its cycle from seed to oil.

Through his business Des intends to share his experience in the preparation of soil and growing the plant. His expertise includes soil inoculants, peat plugs and the stimulation of root growth using fungal and bacterial ‘laced’ water.

He hopes to coach and encourage other growers.

Des has transferred the discipline and diligence he applied with diving safety standards to standards and documentation required to keep cannabis records and monitor the products going through his system. This enables him to pick up problems easily and quickly and correct them.