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Charnelle Adams


Charnelle Adams is the founder and formulator of IndigiRoots, an organic cannabis infused cosmetic range.

Charnelle is a qualified Skincare Therapist, Holistic Energy Cleanser and Reiki Practitioner. After six years working with holistic and skin therapy, Charnelle focused on clinical trials under the direction of Dr. Des Fernandes (world-renowned reconstructive and plastic surgeon, founder and chief medical advisor to Environ Skincare).

She spent 15 years running clinical trials on various skin cancers, autoimmune deficiency conditions, burns and scarring. In addition, she assisted with treatment protocols and diagnostic machines and worked as a pioneer therapist in the development of medical/micro needling and training materials.

Charnelle managed ‘Skin Symphony’ (flagship of Environ) for two years following which she went back into research and developed her unique visionary insights into what is IndigiRoots.

She is a director of A Conscious Touch (Pty) Ltd, a family run business centered around heritage farming, and vice secretary of the Cannabis Industry Development Co-Operative of the Western Cape (“CIDC-WC”), a body that actively engages to develop a working structure wherein everyone can find a space that suits their business and/or personal requirements.


A Conscious Touch (Pty) Ltd and IndigiRoots

IndigiRoots is an organic cannabis-infused cosmetic range. IndigiRoots creates change on a cellular level by repairing and maintaining a healthy endocannabinoid system. It enhances the Spa, Skin and Health Industries.

The business aims to (i) develop an organically infused cannabis skin care range to help heal, rejuvenate and revive both the skin and spirit; (ii) support research with clinical trials; and (iii) assist with developing training material around cannabis and the endocannabinoid system of the skin.