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What is the
Association of Compassion?

The Association of Compassion was formed to prevent people from dying through a lack of access to medicinal cannabis.

The Association is about medicine. It aims to provide cannabis medicine that follows standards; and contribute to a safe and informed framework for the compassionate growing, dispensing and use of medicinal cannabis.

We recognise and subscribe to the significance of the Entourage effect and promotes the integrity of the plant and whole plant medicine. Through the website and social media, we are able to share knowledge and remove outdated and negative perceptions about cannabis.

Through its members’ patient and client databases the Association is growing fast and is creating a substantial voice for medicinal cannabis.

Educate. Protect. Serve.

We are healers not dealers. We have no personal agenda and no political affiliation.

Founding members of the Association of Compassion include doctors, scientists, growers and traditional healers. Together they have many years of experience of the cannabis plant – from growing to analysing to extracting oil to preparing medicine to working with doctors to treating people.

& Support

Members receive access to care and support and access to the Association’s knowledge base.


Members will have access to a laboratory.

& Cultivation

Grow trees on behalf of patients / members. This intention is dependent on whether or not it would be permissible in the current interpretation of the law.

& Development

All data is captured and feedback from patients is noted and documented. A portion of the money / donations received from members is to be allocated to research.

The Association is thus able to contribute to setting standards for growing and medicine quality as well as setting guidelines on how medicinal cannabis growers and dispensers should operate.

The Association provides a voice for medicinal cannabis and is a support for people taking cannabis for their health and wellbeing.

Furthermore, the Association is in a position to educate people about cannabis, particularly medicinal cannabis, and to start to remove outdated and negative perceptions about cannabis.

The Association’s members operate in the full spectrum of the cannabis industry, offering expertise in...





Membership of the Association

  • Membership of the association / co-operative is on a donation basis.

  • Income from members is to be used for research; funding any grow undertaken on behalf of members (if possible); set up and running expenses; and philanthropic endeavours.

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